Fresh Asphalt Laid Down

I’m continually exploring what drives my art practice. It’s not this one monolithic motivation. There is no singular vision. There’s just a bunch of curiosity and a desire to poetically process information. Also, I like materials. I like exploring materials and using them in unconventional ways. I like making stuff with my hands. As I’ve expounded on in my latest thesis, it’s not enough for me to have these concepts and think them through to their conclusion. For me, and how I see the world and myself, there needs to be a fulfillment layer to these concepts. And I believe I’m on that path. It’s a singular path, I think. Meaning that nobody else really needs to be doing what I’m doing, in order for me too somehow feel like I’m heading in the right direction. I’m also aware and believe that there’s nothing really new under the sun. And I’ve gotten great enjoyment in tracking down the origins of these seemingly unique ideas I receive. Which I somehow manage to conjure up in my mind and fullfill through my material explorations.

I guess it’s not so much about unique or fresh. I think, for me, it’s much more about this unwavering devotion to the practice of art. It’s about an unshakeable belief in the power of creativity. And harnessing that creativity through my person and into artworks. That will never get old for me. That process and that feeling of engaging in a serious creativity endeavor is an evergreen state. As things around me seem to change. The power of that creative drive is unchanging. That contrast activates something within my artistic persona that calms me.

            Recently, I’ve thought about moving away from sculpture and exploring different mediums. But simultaneously I feel like that’s the wrong move. I think it’s a reactionary step to take. We are living in reactionary times. I’m much more interested in a long-term devotional type of relationship with sculpture and art in general. I’m not interested in short-term reactionary frames of mind. I think there’s something to be said about the unique relationship that may form between an artist and their chosen medium. Plus, I’d feel like I was cheating myself out of really knowing what I can do with sculpture. If anything, I’d say this was a perfect opportunity to reevaluate how I think, feel, and what I want to say with sculpture. I think making smaller objects is an option. Maybe I can think of them as devotional trinkets. Or I can incorporate sound and video. Something that been done countless times before. But that ‘s alright. I mean if I’m working from the “there’s really nothing new under the sun” axiom. What does it matter. A blog isn’t fresh. But here I am.

            Speaking about his blog, I don’t really have a clear vision for it. And that’s fine. I’m working off of a loose framework of this being a way to trace how I’m thinking about sculpture and art. And how it may change and evolve over time. I have a sculpture project I’ve been thinking about for a while now but just haven’t had the space or access to see it through. Next week should be the time to get it done. It’s already finished in my mind. The image of how it’s going to look, and function and come together is already there.

I won’t announce it. I won’t put up an Instagram post about it. It’ll just exist. It will just be there. It will manifest itself in this fulfillment layer just like anything else does. Without pomp and circumstance. Without likes on social media to artificially bolster its significance or perceived freshness. It will at one time not be here. Then be here. And just like anything else it will suddenly move on. And….. I think I don’t even know what I’m talking about this far down into the blog post. Either way, now it’s just about making it.